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Flamingo Theme Macrame Hanger

Flamingo Theme Macrame Hanger

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Flamingo theme comes with 2 sizes as an options .

It includes 2 flamingoes, 4 colored pompom, 2 normal leaves ,1 tropical leaf and flower.



Size 1: 

*Cloud ~48 cm , height 1.5 meter

*Flamingo large

Customized colors 

3 large leaves 

One is tropical leaf

4 colored ballls 

1 flower with leaf

Size 2:

*Cloud 40 cm , height 1 meter

*Flamingo smalller 

3 leaves small

1 tropical leaf

2 colored balls


Flamingo palette

Can be customized.

For customization:

Make sure yo contact us if customization in colors or details needed.

Time needed:

1 week as minimum to 14 days as max.


Safe box.






Care information

Macrame is a cotton yarn that need to be lay off.

If you need to wash it, use a luckwarm water.

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