Glee's story

Glee is a small online shop based in Lebanon where alll the products are handmade and customized the designer Mariam.
The story of my shop begins with a curiosity taste to know more about the art of macrame; the art that showed to be originated from the Arabian culture. So I made my research, and in the aim to revive this art with putting all the experience I've gained from my major ad and interior designer. I've first choosen the name of my shop "Gleeknot" or in other way "Happy knot"; the concept of spreading happiness in every knot, learning the basics of basic knots , searching for suppliers for a high quality cotton yarns, to finally go into designing.
Glee by 23-11-2022 is celebrating its first year. The way to success was tiff, however glee's achievement to deliver this art again and build a base of trust and love with its customers made it worthy.
The story of success is in its beginning many goals are in the way...